Monday, 27 September 2010

And They All Lived Happily Ever After...

Today is my wedding anniversary.

My husband is notoriously difficult to buy for and as this year is symbolised by iron I toyed with the idea of giving him some leafy green veg, but couldn’t come up with a romantic angle, so scrapped the idea.

I decided to ask him what he would really like and he gave me a very specific request – a new photograph of me with the kids.

Great I thought, he’s making it really easy this year.  I would have it sorted in a jiffy.

OY VEY was I wrong.  We have in our 6 years of marriage brought 2 wonderful children into this world.   They are 5 and 2.  Our 5 year old is photogenic beyond belief and as a result of being the first has been completely au fait with a camera since birth. 

Our 2 year old on the other hand calls the camera ‘cheese’ and twice actually tried to eat it.  In the 2 hours 45 minutes of my life that I will never get back I took 179 photos.  I was able to use 2 of them which are now in the 3rd frame I bought.  The first was smashed by the 2 year old in the car park of the shopping centre.  The second was left somewhere when I was either loading the kids into the car or paying for parking.  Ok, I haven’t a clue what really happened to it, but whoever found it also got my flipping parking ticket.

The third and final picture frame was bought in a supermarket which was where I attempted to put the memory card from my camera into one of those big photo developing machines which according to the manufacturer was designed to make my life easier – LIARS!

Why put the slots for the memory cards at exactly the same height as the hands of a 2 year old who is sitting in a shopping trolley?  I missed the part where that makes my life easier.

So, after believing the camera, I mean the ‘cheese’ was edible and being proved wrong, my toddler decided this wasn’t over and wanted to see if the memory card was something that could be munched on too.

Well, all that teething really paid off, because those little pearly whites can bite through just about anything.

Suffice to say there is a lady in a local chemist to whom I owe a huge debt of gratitude for saving the day and my really easy anniversary present for my husband.

On the bright side though, when I looked at those photos in that cheap picture frame this morning in the sunlight that poured through our dusty windows I felt so proud, so grateful and so very happy because I’ve got it good.

We’ve had 6 years of highs, lows, people we’ve lost, people we made, nappies, dribble, a thousand tears, a thousand laughs, boo boos, strange rashes, never ending laundry, car crashes, amazing holidays, not so amazing holidays, redundancy, new jobs, taking off stabilisers, physiotherapy, forgetting what we were fighting about, big school, doctors, bouncy castles, Dora, Sunday morning pancakes, 1 cat, 5 cars, 27 diets, 6 kettles, wrinkles, grey hairs, first steps, inexplicable stains, even more inexplicable smells, family dinners, old traditions, new traditions and much much more.

It’s all been so worth it.

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