Friday, 29 October 2010

My Perfect Gal

Earlier this week, I was tagged by the delightful and talented HotCrossMum She challenged me to list my top ten things in my perfect man/woman.

There’s no point listing my top ten for a man, because my beloved man is smokin’ hot.  How could I possibly be limited to just ten things that make him perfect?  He broke the mould, I get a toothache just looking at him – Hi Babe, how’s work?

Luckily, I have been blessed with a large number of fabulous women in my life.  I really do have a lot of them.  From family and friends, to other mothers I’ve met through my kids, I’ve always got someone to reach out to, be it with a crisis, for a laugh, for a cry, for a moan, for a bitch, or just for a ramble about nothing.

So, this should be easy, however again, narrowing myself down to just ten things has been a bit of a challenge in itself, but here goes:

My Perfect Woman

1.       Is an honest person, no matter how hard that is.  Even when I do something stupid like wear jeggings.  Actually, especially when I do something stupid like wear jeggings.  Jeggings are bad, anything that can stretch that far should only be worn by super heroes.
2.      Loves her family, friends and handbags.
3.      Has a crush on Stephen Fry and/or Alan Rickman.  Specifically in Robin Hood Prince of Thieves.  Alan Rickman that is, I don't recall Stephen Fry in the film.
4.      Doesn’t flinch when I tell her I have to wash one or all of the three P’s out of my hair (puke, pee & poo).  In fairness, the latter two have only applied since I became a mother.  The first has been a regular for over twenty years now although it used to be my puke – sigh.
5.      Cannot tolerate any clothing made from polyester – I don’t have a problem with a bit of sweat, but when its green housed in a non breathable fabric?  Why would anyone do that on purpose?
6.      Roots for the underdog.
7.      Doesn’t care anymore that her bum probably does look big in whatever she’s wearing, except jeggings, they are an unforgivable crime of fashion.  They could even be worse than polyester.
8.     Likes a dirty big belly laugh.
9.      Drinks white wine, so when we go out, we have to buy 2 bottles because I only drink red.
10.  Thinks there’s something creepy about the way Tom Cruise is always grinning.  I’ll bet he likes jeggings.  Probably has a pair.

Ok, I did it, I’m sure I’ll realise later I could have done better, but at least I’ll have someone to ring/text/tweet/email about it.

Now, my turn.  I’m gonna tag me some bloggers.  I read you all either via Twitter, your blogs, websites or all of the above and I like your style, so I look forward to your contributions.

Jane Travers


  1. Hey, thanks for the tag! :) What a really funny post, well done.

    I so hear you about the jeggings. A while ago I tweeted that no-one over 12 should wear them. I upset a few followers, but I stick to my opinion! Very well said. ;)

  2. Hi Laura, I had a good laugh reading your post today but had to keep it quiet not to wake the baba.
    You are doing great, I find myself nodding in agreement as I read and you had me also in tears on previous posts.
    Looking forward to read some more!!
    All the best!

  3. Tom Cruise in jeggings, I cant stop laughing & I'd say he cant stop smiling :)

  4. Thanks for tagging me but I have to tell you something. Now don't be a HATER but I have a fat stomach but skinny legs so I look good in JEGGINGS. I wear them with boots and big, long (so they cover my ass) sweaters. But hey, I will buy you two bottles of can we still be pals?

    Lynn MacDonald aka All Fooked Up

  5. We sure can Lynn, I am so glad you've got the long sweater thing covered. Had a conversation with a friend recently about them after I saw a lovely slender woman bend over in them. Hers stretched so far, I could see the grey polka dots on her white knickers - shudder. Thanks for taking the tag in good spirits.

  6. Thanks for all the lovely comments guys, really appreciate it. Hope new baba is doing well Mar.

  7. big thumbs down to jeggings particularly when they're getting a bit old and seethrough..... WAAAAAAAAy too much information thank you very much. ha.

    Think i'm ticking a lot of those boxes... worryingly the Stephen Fry thing is covered. eeek. x