Tuesday, 1 March 2011

White Rabbits

Spring has apparently sprung, although it didn’t feel like it at 8am this morning when I was adding layer upon layer to my daughter to send her to school.  She waddled up the road for her lift with our neighbour looking like a little pink onion.  It took all I had not to laugh when she dropped her glove and had to make a few attempts to bend over to pick it up; such was the level of layering.
She has been sick for most of the month of February; a couple of weeks into the month, her brother joined in and we may as well have set up a direct debit from our bank account to the family doctor’s office. 
Adding to that my immense stupidity at Googling their symptoms which multiplied normal parental anxiety tenfold and by yesterday, I was glad to kiss February goodbye.
I am however, going to take a moment to brag now, because I really feel I should. 
My daughter has to be one of, if not the best patient on the planet.  She does not complain, she does not whinge, she does not demand, at worst, she simply lies there silent and pale, insisting she just feels a little bit sick. 
All this in spite of tonsillitis and strep throat which created awful blisters that burst sending something foul down to her little tummy which was then thrown up.  Then, a tummy bug, followed by a double ear infection. Two separate courses of anti-biotic and missing out on all the fun during mid-term break. 
Yesterday was her first day back at school and the children were getting boosters for their vaccinations, as my little one was still on the last batch of anti-biotic, we refused them for now.  She told me last night she felt bad for the nurses who have to come all the way back to her school to give her the booster when she’s all better.  My heart nearly burst with a mix of love, pride and bewilderment.
Why wouldn’t I brag?
As for her brother, well, he’s more like his Dad and I, we like to whinge and moan.  Coughing loudly and using tissue after tissue.  Not changing channels on the television because it’s just too exhausting.  Milking any attention for all it’s worth.  That kind of carry on is cathartic for our kind, so our daughter is truly a thing of wonder to us.
Anyway, a new month means a new leaf turned over today.  The children are healthier, the days are longer and we’ve all had some proper sleep.
So come on spring, get on with the warmer temperatures and bright afternoons, we’re more than ready for it.
White rabbits, white rabbits, white rabbits.

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