Monday, 30 May 2011

Eat, Drink, Bounce

My daughter is almost six, a birthday party is expected.
We’ll pull it together but last week she gave us a list of 41 children that she wishes to attend, not counting herself and her little brother.
This causes it’s own set of problems, logistical and whatnot, our house is not big and with those numbers one of those indoor play places that do it all for you is ruled out completely.
We did that last year, 13 RSVP’d and 17 showed up.  The Party/Events Organiser was not a happy camper. 
Neither was I, as I hadn’t expected to spend most of my daughters 5th birthday in the loos with the little ones whose parents had employed the drop and run tactic.  Smart people, very smart people.
Nor had I anticipated the pretty little Klingon attached to my right thigh for the entire event which meant I couldn’t use the toilet as I have issues in that department.  It’s nothing serious; I just can’t perform with an audience.
A couple of years ago for my daughters fourth birthday we hired a bouncy castle for the day.  It was a great success, until most of the older kids where we live decided to join in and frightened the living daylights out of the little ones.
This year we’re going down that route again, but I’ve employed a few tactics to help things run better.
Firstly, the side gate will be locked and any big kid who attempts to jump it will be met by me and the sweeping brush.  I’ll train the toddler in too, for back up, he’s pretty grumpy at the moment and permission to thump someone would be most appreciated.
Secondly, we’re holding the party on a Wednesday.  This works on a number of levels, the best being that it’s her actual birthday day, but also the simple awkwardness of it being midweek means a few won’t be able to make it, thereby culling the numbers.
Thirdly, if we do go ahead and hire the bouncy castle it’s 20% cheaper midweek than on the weekend which makes me happy because if there’s one thing I can’t bear, it’s paying full price.
We’ve got three weeks to the big day, so I’ll be using the whole “well if you don’t behave I won’t order a bouncy castle” line until the last moment.  Yes, I plan to milk that sucker dry.
She’s been to a number of birthday parties lately.  Some of them have been very impressive.  Some have basically been booze ups for the adults.  Some of them have been proper old fashioned parties with games like pass the parcel.
We’re keeping it simple, fill them with sandwiches, crisps, juice, chocolate & sweets and then let them bounce until they collapse at which point we’ll hand them all back to their parents with a party bag full of yet more sugar based products. 
Oh Joy!
On the Brightside, my toilet issues don’t apply at home, we’ve got locks on the doors.


  1. hate it when parents do not bother their ass to rsvp!!!! drives me nuts, I mean do they honestly think we have nothing else to do but sit round and wait for them to show up!!!

  2. My little one is not 3 yet so we have got all these parties to look forward to. Love idea of bouncy castle, Thanks for stopping by my page, I am now your newest follower :-)