Friday, 3 June 2011

Sports Day

My daughter just had her very first ever Sports Day at school.  She was so excited she was fully dressed standing over us at 6.03 am on the morning of the big day.  It took me a while to talk her into our bed, well bribe with a promise of a cartoon; I wasn’t capable of a whole lot of talking at that hour.
I went along on the big day to support her, bringing the toddler, the camera and a picnic.
The camera turned out to be my most prized possession of the day.  Unfortunately the sheer amount of belly shaking, couldn't catch my breath for laughing caused many of the photos taken to be blurry, but boy was it worth it.
The toddler turned out to be one of the more exuberant supporters of the day.  He even went so far as to join in.  As in run down the field during the sack race and then just keep going past the finish line and beyond to the fence to chants of “Run Forest Run”.
I should point out he runs like a speed walker with his little tushy clenched and shoulders pushing up to his ears.  I should also point out I was the only one calling him Forest, but it just seemed so fitting.
The organisation at the school was incredible; I’m in awe of teachers and how well they hold it together while all around them are little people doing things that make no sense.  Eating weird stuff off the ground, climbing each other, walking backwards or just spinning until they fell over. 
I had forgotten spinning just for the hell of it, I used to love it, afraid to do it now of course, and I don’t like the falling over part anymore.  It’s not worth it without wine to soften the blow.
The teachers managed to get so many things done with all the kids taking part and within the allowed time frame.  I would like to be taught how to do that.  I didn’t notice any of them eat or use the loo though, which worries me.
So, there were multiple egg and spoon races, where potatoes were used I presume for their durability, relay races and my favourite, the one where they pass a bean bag to the person behind them by bending over and handing it between their legs and then run to the back of the line.  Oh that one had me leaning on the fence for support, I laughed so hard.
Then to polish off a great day, along came the picnic.  I stood on poo that I think came from a sheep.  The toddler seemed to take up the entire blanket.  We ate soggy sandwiches.  The fruit was ignored.  I got to meet some nice parents I hadn’t met before.  I watched my daughter interact with the other little people she spends all her days with and tells me very little about.
Yep, it was a good day for all of us.


  1. Sounds like a fabulous day for everyone And yes, wine is always advisable before spinning and falling over..... and anything really!

    xx Jazzy (via Mammy Doolittle)

  2. Elizabeth Bartholomew30 May 2012 at 20:03

    Aw I love this Laura, after reading it I'm getting excited about this years as we were not here for last years Sportrs Day.