Thursday, 1 September 2011

Connect Me

Another summer over, another first day back at school already a memory and its September.

So, here I sit at my kitchen table, ready and waiting for genius to strike.  My routine is back in order; I have designated time two mornings a week to write for the next three months and what happens?  My Internet connection goes down.


Doesn’t the Internet service provider know that I have a check list before I can write?  It’s crucial to the point of being superstitious.  I absolutely, most definitely, completely importantly must do the following before I can write a word:

·         Check email.

·         Cross reference bank account with my carefully planned colour coded excel budget for the household.

·         Look at the stats on my blog.

·         Check email.

·         Look at my credit card balance in case a miracle has happened in the night and its zero for the first time in 17 years.

·         Add a bunch of stuff to the online shopping list that I forgot last week.

·         Check email.

·         Mess about on Twitter for 5 minutes (ok perhaps 30 minutes).

·         Facebook someone.

·         Check email.

·         Read the 9 at 9 on the

·         Look at to find out just why Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez split up.

·         Check email.

Alright, I’m not a complete fool, I know I don’t actually NEED an Internet connection to write something on a blank page, but I LIKE it and without completing my checklist, my brain just can’t clear itself out.

I am not a happy camper Internet service provider person, if that thingy twirling in the corner of the screen doesn’t connect soon, I’ll be making a stern phone call and this time I’ll stay on hold no matter how many times I have to listen to Green Sleeves. 

You won’t break me.

NOTE: If anyone out there actually gets to read this you will realise that at some point my Internet connection connected and I am now in fact a happy camper.

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  1. Love this post - it reads exactly like my own 'to do' list! Have been trying to force myself to write on a laptop that isn't connected ot the internet, but like you, I LIKE to know I'm only a click away from a hundred ways to waste time!

    Hope you'll have a look at my site/blog (I'm a very new blogger, so am just trying to find my voice)