Thursday, 23 May 2013

Miracle Gro Flower Magic

I know I’m not wrong saying this was one of the longest winters ever, a dark, damp, cold, rainy, hail stoning, almost but not quite snowing miserable winter that over stayed it’s welcome and annoyed everyone.

So now that spring has finally sprung isn’t it wonderful to see life budding all over the place?  There’s actual green stuff growing on the ground, I hear it’s called grass.  It’s beautiful.

My interest in the garden in general and all things green started last year.  My daughter and I grew a tomato.  It may not sound all that impressive, but to me it was wondrous.  It grew big and round and I’m sure if we hadn’t planted it so late, it would have ripened and we could have shared it in a salad.

This year I’m going for it again – growing things.  I do admit freely though that I am no expert and will take all the help and short cuts I can, so far that has involved my husband fixing what I’ve made a mess of, but I am optimistic and shall persevere. 

We don’t have a fertile garden, it is stony and water logged.  My aforementioned husband uses a few more colourful terms to describe it, but I’ll leave those out.

In front of our house we have two big whiskey barrels, the point of them was to grow beautiful flowers, but alas apart from one fluke whereby a sunflower my daughter planted at school, took root and grew to a lovely 4 feet 7 inches, flowers have never found our whiskey barrels accommodating homes.

So this year, in the spirit of allowing the professionals to tell me what to do I’ve taken a short cut and gone with the experts at Miracle-Gro.  The choice for the barrels is Miracle-Gro Flower Magic Multi-Coloured Mix.

I cannot express my delight at just how easy it was to use.  I opened the top of the large shaker bottle which even comes with a handle and then sprinkled the contents all over the existing soil in the two large barrels, watered and walked away.  Seriously, it was that easy.  There was even some left over for the border around the edge of our front garden.

According to the instructions, everything the flowers need from seed to nutrition is already contained in the mix, so I can’t fail.  It’s Flower Magic.
Here are my before and after shots, those feet are mine beside the barrel by the way and they are full size - it is a very big barrel.

I’m very excited to see the results and feel like such a proper gardener in the evenings as I water them lovingly with my little red watering can.  I’ll report back later with progress.

Happy Gardening!

*This has been a sponsored post*

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