Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Reasons to be Grateful I'm a Mum

9 and 1/4 years ago this week I became a parent for the first time.  It was terrifying, overwhelming, emotional and exhausting.  I was completely unprepared and believed I was going to be the cause of my baby spending years in therapy when she was older.

Now a mother to three balls of energy I have chilled out a lot, because, honestly, what other choice is there?  I am coming close to the end of the nappy and sleepless nights part and have been reflecting on my family and the journey they have taken me on.

There are good days and bad days, just like every other home.  I've stayed up nights worrying, I've pulled over and cried after a disastrous school run, headaches are a regular part of my life, I've reverted to hating homework again and many other things that every parent out there knows all about.

However, just like every other parent out there also knows, every so often one of those little things happen that make my heart sing and remind me of just how lucky I am to have ended up on the unexpected path my life has taken.

In no particular order, here are just some of the reasons I am glad I got to be a Mum:
  1. I am hugged and kissed every single day.
  2. I am never bored.
  3. Almost anything can be turned into a cause for celebration.
  4. I can go out with an array of stains on my clothes that would make Picasso blush and wear them like a badge of pride.
  5. Baby talk is more entertaining than TV - e.g. the toddler screaming "Cock Porn" in the queue for pop corn at the cinema.
  6. The feeling of a little body sleeping soundly in your arms.
  7. Crocs and flip flops are mandatory.
  8. Learning that finishing things around the house isn't that important.
  9. Half a bottle of wine now has the same effect as a full bottle did ten years ago.
  10. I can survive on a lot less sleep than previously believed.
  11. The sound and feel against your skin of your baby feeding in the deepest darkest part of the night.
  12. I am no longer squeamish.
  13. All the great people I have met through my children.
  14. The joy of a Phineas and Ferb marathon on a rainy Friday afternoon.
  15. Learning that a lot of stuff I used to think mattered, really doesn't.
  16. The times when I am the only one who can kiss it better.
  17. Stretch marks aren't that big a deal.
  18. Neither is getting back into a bikini.
  19. Bed time chats about their day.
  20. Learning that absolutely nothing feels better than unconditional love, both given and received.
  21. Learning that if someone else thinks you're making a mess of it, that it's their problem, not yours.
  22. My 6 year old wanting to marry me because he thinks I'm the most beautiful girl in the world.
  23. Immediate understanding from other mums and dads.
  24. I can play on the swings in the playground without looking like a weirdo.
  25. I have a deeper love for and more appreciation of my parents.
  26. Learning the world doesn't explode when you are late.
  27. I have learned that family is the most important thing in the world, whatever form it comes in and no matter how hard it can be to keep together.
  28. Waking up to three little people who are happy to see me every morning, even if it is 5.30.

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