Saturday, 1 November 2014

Hair Cut Hell

My toddler has beautiful long, thick, silky hair, each lock ending in a curl so perfect, it melts my heart. It's the kind of hair most of us can only dream of having and I love it dearly.  So much do I love it, that when people ask me how old my daughter is, I hardly ever bother to point out anymore that he's my son.  Although his almost constant wearing of a spider man costume and deep as Barry White voice should be the only clues required.

Just sayin'.

My son is utterly convinced that if he goes to the barber shop and gets his hair cut, it will hurt.  I have no idea how this idea got into his little head, but I find it adorable when he holds onto his golden locks with his little chubby hands and squeals "no cut my hair, it will ow me".  I cannot go through with it.

So what I'm wondering is why should he get his hair cut?

Pressure from other people has bothered me and my other half for quite a while already, but why is it anyone else's business?

We all know our kids childhoods go by in the blink of an eye.  There's a high chance that some day, my little boy will be forced to conform to an adult world than demands he look and behave a certain way.  If I'm around to see that day for any of my children, I know I will feel sad inside.  Ideally, they will find a way of life or job that they adore and makes them so happy they jump out of bed every morning eager to work.  Of course I know that's just an ideal, so who knows what's really ahead of them.

So, until that day of possible conformity, my golden haired boy will let his locks fly wild and free from his lovely head until he decides that he wants to cut it.

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